Beginnings (6)

9 Jul

I’ve just re-read my first week of blogs. I don’t think they’d win any prizes for literary achievement or excellence, or any for inspiration or enlightenment. In fact, I am quite shocked at the vitriol oozing from the first three.  Having had a few days go by, during which time the money has finally gone into my account, I’ve had time to think about things. I believe that I got so upset because I felt as if my honour and integrity had been abused. I had done everything within my means to do the best I could right up until my last day. I had even gone in the day after on the Saturday to finish clearing things up and even wrote a brief report on where things were at. I had been courteous and professional throughout and had left on what felt like a high note, despite the situation. The farewell had given me closure, and I was ready to face the future.

To find late the following Monday afternoon that HR hadn’t known about certain forms that I needed to fill in before all the documentation could go to Payroll, and then to discover that they were still going to hold off paying me for up to 14 days after severance, felt like having everything thrown in my face. It felt like abuse. It really threw me. I lost my equanimity and I lost my sense of closure.  I am now just starting to feel that I am getting myself back on track. Writing helps.


Beginnings (5)

7 Jul

A day has passed without blogging! Naughty, naughty!  Feels quite odd really. Mind you – it’s meant that I’ve had to come face-to-face with a bit of an issue – to week-end blog or not to week-end blog. Today is a Saturday which begs the question should I be blogging every day, or just on week-days. I mean – I’ll have to blog today either way, because I didn’t blog, yesterday, which was in fact a week-day. Quel dilemma!! I guess one of the points of my blogging is to give myself a focus now that my full-time job is not dominating my every minute of my waking life. My weekends have always been a retreat treat, and I have loved every minute of them. I guess then, my challenge could be to be a week-day blogger, with weekends off, unless I had blogs to catch up on, or unless I really felt like blogging. Why hold back the creative urge? Block the blog? I don’t think so – might lead to writers’ block, aka creative constipation! Enough!

Beginnings (4)

5 Jul

So – where to from here? Once I feel that I have a bit of a handle on blogging, I’ll start getting real fancy. I want to take photos of my earring collection, and one-by-one, I want to blog about my earrings. How fascinating is that? I feel it would give me a bit of a focus each day, and I’d be really interested to see if I can get through a whole year without running out of earrings. What a challenge. I’ve never counted how many earrings I have, but I’ve been collecting them since I had my ears pierced at the tender age of 14.

That brings back memories. Joanne, my best buddy and I decided to finally do it – get our ears pierced. Off we went to the only place in little old Hamilton that did ear piercing. The shop assistant ushered us out the back. Joanne was still unsure if she was going to do it. She wanted me to go first so she could see how painful it was. What a responsibility! So – I did. The dull crunching sound as the needle went through was the worst part; worse even than the dragging through after of the gold sleeper. It was two separate steps in those days – not the quick bullet blast of the earring shaft shooting through the earlobe, as happens now.

I have had a passion for earrings ever since.

Beginnings (3)

5 Jul

OK, so this is the third attempt at blogging. I’m not sure what is actually required, but I’m just trying to get into the habit of doing some writing every day. At this stage it is just pure unadulterated writing – no changes – no editing – raw and real. I also need to become more au fey with things computer.  Having been part of a large organisation for nearly twelve years now, I’m used to having everything set up, and all I need to do is use the system. Now I have my own computer – Sammy. I have to learn how to set things up myself. It’s all a little bit fraught, but we’ll get there.

The HR games continue, and still the organisation has not paid me out my severance. Unbelievable. I reckon that they’re just hanging on to the money because they can. It’s actually immoral. Sometimes I wonder how these people sleep at night. You think that they would be doing their upmost to smooth the path for those poor souls who are deemed surplus to requirements, but no, they seem hell-bent to make things as difficult as possible. Oh well. Vitriol is not healthy for me, and part of this blogging process is to release my creative self. That is not going to happen if I keep on being tied up in their power games. Time to move on.

Beginnings (2)

3 Jul

I could blog for an eternity on what happened today, but luckily I am too tired. Suffice to say that the inglorious HR department I referred to last night has sunk even further in my estimation. It seems that someone who should have didn’t do their homework properly, and I am suffering the consequences as a result. What amazes me is that this HR section seems to think it has a god-given right to mess with other peoples’ lives. I have never heard of a situation before where an organisation has the option to make you wait for up to 14 days for a final severance payout. Initially they were going to make me wait 20 days before I would have the dollars in the bank, until I reacted and got the union involved. Even so, it looks as though I’m not going to receive it much sooner than that anyway. It’s so frustrating and very tiring. Professionalism right to the end of my very last day has always been my aim, and from what others have said, it would seem that I achieved that. Now, however, I am a seething pot of anger over their ineptitude and their apparent refusal to do an out of cycle payment so that I can pick up my final pay sooner rather than later. Anyway – enough for now – we’ll see what tomorrow brings.


2 Jul

Beginning blogging so far has not been easy.  First of all, I tried using Blogger, but Google wouldn’t let me set up an account “at that time”, and kept telling me that the email address I was supplying was already in use. Humph! After much cursing I came across WordPress, and thought I’d give it a go. After spelling my email address wrong, I had to start over gain and use a different user name. That one was so good too. Perhaps I can reuse that user name once the programme realises that the address can’t be verified.

So much though for starting this blog on the first non-working working day of my now non-working working life! Day one has just morphed into Day Two. I’ve been severed – officially “surplus to requirements” as the inglorious HR department put it. Such an endearing phrase – NOT! Receiving the emailed 30-day  “Notification of Surplus” letter is like having REJECT tatooed deeply and darkly on your forehead  and being shunted into the FIT for DESTRUCTION pile. Not that I’m bitter (yeah right, you say). I’m not. It’s just that after nearly 12 yers of dedication and delivery, being treated like  a piece of unwanted furniture hurts. However, I know  from experience that it’s true what they all say – one door closes and another one opens. The way will become open to me – not immediately perhaps, but there will be an opening, and it will be a great one! In the meantime, a blog a day keeps distemper away!  And where’s the godforesaken spell check button???